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Are you turning 65 and need some guidance regarding your Medicare options?

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The Annual Enrollment Period starts October 15 and ends December 7 every year. Learn about changes to your existing plan and newly available options in your area. Don’t wait!

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Covered California

Having access to medical care when you need it plays a crucial part in protecting yourself and your family, especially during these uncertain times we face today.

In California, you may be penalized if you go without health insurance. You can still apply now!

See if you qualify for a special enrollment.

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Health Insurance through the Federal Marketplace

Need coverage outside of the open enrollment? Contact me to see if you qualify for a Special Enrollment.

New! If your income is 100%-150% of the Federal Poverty Level, you may qualify for a special enrollment.

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Life Insurance

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About Me

My Background

Thank you for visiting my website. My name is Franco Stella and I’m from Southern California. I’m a Cal State University Long Beach graduate. I first got licensed to be an insurance agent back in 2007 specializing in Medicare plans. I built my business in San Diego, CA helping a needy and underserved population; those that had a language barrier and that were also low-income.

In 2013, I joined my brother, Erick Stella’s agency, Stella Health Insurance Agency, to grow and build stronger relationships with our partners in the industry.

That year, I also contracted with Covered California and participated in the state’s first open enrollment to help individuals and families transition into the new plan options.

My first non-resident license is my Texas license. A few years back we had thought of moving to Austin to be closer to family but just stayed in California.

As clients moved out-of-state, I’ve acquired licenses in those states to keep serving them as their insurance broker. This also brought me more opportunities to help people in other states over the phone, on zoom or via email.

In 2021 I contracted with the Federal Marketplace, also known as the ACA or Obamacare, to assist individuals and families with their health insurance needs outside of California.

I currently hold licenses in CA, CO, NV, AZ, OR, TX, NM, IN, ID, TN, SC, UT, GA, WA and FL.

My Interests

I love to play the guitar and other string instruments. Music is a passion of mine. I love to listen to all kinds of music from the World.

Languages have been another passion of mine. Besides English, I speak Spanish, Portuguese and Italian. I studied French for a couple of years but I find it a little more difficult.

I love to travel, meet people and learn about other cultures.

I currently live in Soutwest Riverside County, with my beautiful wife and my 4 year-old son. I love spending time with my family on my time off.

Why Work With Me?

I believe in educating those that are about to start with Medicare, or that are already on Medicare but still don’t quite understand how it works. There is definitely a great demand for helping people through the whole enrollment process, from applying for Medicare to getting enrolled into the right plan.

I also found that several Medicare beneficiaries already on a plan don’t really understand what benefits they have or even how to access them. This calls for a needs analysis to see if your plan fits your needs and if you are maximizing the benefits you qualify for.

Several individuals and families go without health insurance because they think it is unaffordable. Healthcare is constantly changing and keeping you updated with these changes is crucial. This year, more people qualify for even more assistance than ever, even those that probably didn’t qualify in the past. Getting you a quote only takes a minute.

You can also self-quote using the softwares on my site at no cost and no obligation. If you need assistance with the process or have any questions, please contact me. There’s NO COST for helping you with your plan enrollment. Your benefits will be the same, no matter how you enroll.

Why enroll through me?

I will do all the research and compare plans for you. I will look up your providers and let you know what plans they accept, or I can recommend a primary doctor if you need to choose one. I’ll also look up your prescription drugs and tell you what they’ll cost you. After I help you sign up, our relationship continues. As your agent, I will be able to assist you with any issues you may encounter. It’s like having your personal customer service.

If you’re in Southern California, I’m also available for in-home appointments.