Rx Discount Card

Here are two prescription drug cards anyone can use immediately without filling out any paperwork, or inputting your information. Just present the card to the pharmacist, whether it’s printed or through your phone, and enjoy the savings.

These discount cards are HIPAA Compliant, which means they don’t collect or sell your information.

The discount cards are not intended to replace your health insurance.

Who Can Benefit From Using The Discount Cards?

  • People without insurance
  • People who have insurance and perhaps has a deductible or high copays
  • People with Medicare who has a drug not covered or are in the donut hole
  • People with pets
  • Pretty much anyone. Share the card with family members!


RxPrime Discount Card is free for you and your family to use, whether you have insurance or not.

It’s accepted at some of the big chain pharmacies such as Walmart, Walgreens, CVS, Rite Aid and Kroger.

This card is HIPAA Compliant, meaning RxPrime will not ask for your private information.

Visit www.rxprime.com to find a pharmacy or look up the cost of your drugs.

Free Rx Prime Card




GroupRx: National Drug Card

GroupRx National Drug Card is another discount card for you to use immediately without having to share your personal information.

This discount card is also used at some of the major chain pharmacies as well as some small mom and pop pharmacies.

Get your digital reusable coupon here.

Find a location and check drug prices here.

You can also print a copy or download the Group Rx app.

Use Group ID: NDC3760

Free Group Rx Card